Welcome to the ePEARL Virtual Tutorial!

This site is designed to help new users learn about the technical and pedagogical features in ePEARL. Each video offers a brief introduction (2-5 minutes) to different features of the software. For more information on ePEARL, please visit our website or contact us.

How to use the Virtual Tutorial
1. Start by watching the "Overview" video which will provide you with an introduction to ePEARL and the pedagogy behind this electronic portfolio.
2. Use the navigation buttons on the left to view the list of chapters for each section. Level 1 is for students in Grades 1 & 2. Levels 2 & 3 are designed for students in Grades 3 -12. The Teacher chapters introduce you to the features that teachers use to manage their students' portfolios and access resources. You may always return to the chapter list by clicking on any one of these headings.
3. Start with the first chapters listed in each section. These are organized in a sequence that introduces the essential elements of ePEARL first. You can come back and explore the more advanced features as you get more comfortable with the software.
4. Keep a second browser window open to practice what you have just seen. After viewing a video, you are prompted to log in to your ePEARL. If you do not already have your own ePEARL account, you may go to the public demo to practice. Please contact us for the access information.
5. Print a copy of the script for future reference by clicking on the print button next to the title of the video.
Please note: We have used female pronouns throughout the narration when referring to work created by a student since the sample portfolios were created by female students.