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All LTK research and development projects are overseen by:

Phil Abrami

Director, CSLP, Concordia University

Bev White

Director, LEARN

Anne Wade

Manager & LTK Coordinator,

Manuela Bertoni

Creative Director, CSLP

Larysa Lysenko

Research Coordinator, CSLP

Steve Kanellopoulos

Lead Developer, CSLP

Einat Idan

Lead Instructional Designer, CSLP

Vanitha Pillay

Trainer, CSLP

Please refer to each of the tools (listed in the top banner) to learn about the teams for specific projects.

The following institutions have very generously provided funding that has supported the design, development and researching of all of the LTK+ tools.

We'd also like to thank all of our partner school boards and LEARN who have contributed in the form of in-kind support towards the LTK+ as their pedagogical consultants have sat on all of our project teams.