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Evidence-based educational software tools designed and developed by the CSLP are available without charge to the educational and academic community. For educational purposes, we ask that you please consult the CSLP's software users policies. For research purposes, we ask that you also please consult the CSLP's research user (author) policies.

CSLP tools are effective but only when they are wisely used. Professional development is important for everyone who plans to use the CSLP's tools.

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Multimedia Support
Virtual Tutorial
This site provides access to 45 video clips designed to help new users learn about the technical and pedagogical features in ePEARL. Each video offers a brief introduction (2-5 minutes) to the different features of the software.
Teacher professional development videos
These videos are designed to complement our training materials as they are teacher testimonials that focus on the implementation of ePEARL in classrooms.
ABRA-ePEARL Link Videos
Student-centred videos
These videos are found in the in-context help embedded within the software. They are designed to provide "just in time" student support related to the key components of the portfolio process, and may also be used to foster whole class discussion.

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